US to provide $106 million funding to improve services in Iraq

US administration will provide $106 million in funding for "Taqadum" project to improve local services in Iraq, US Embassy in Baghdad said on Tuesday.

In a press statement, the US Embassy in Iraq noted that Stefanie Williams, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Baghdad and Maria Longi, US Agency for International development (USAID)ís Acting Assistant Administrator of the Bureau for the Middle East, have attended a final workshop of the joint American-Iraqi project entitled "Taqadum".

The $106 million initiative will help the Iraqi local authorities to improve public services by implementing Law No. 21 as amended, giving local authorities and governorate authorities more powers to meet the needs of Iraqi citizens, the statement added.

Williams, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Baghdad, said that good governance and economic growth are inextricably linked and mutually reinforce each other.

She also noted that they are both the key to Iraq's stability and welfare and prosperity of its people.

USAID's governance strengthening project will be implemented through cooperation with the central government and governorates governments to develop their capacities in providing basic services to the Iraqi people, she added.