Chilean official: We seek to develop economic and trade relations with Iraq

Release Date: 2017/5/22 20:35 34 times scheduled

The head of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Chilean House of Representatives on Monday expressed his country's desire to develop economic and trade relations with Iraq during a meeting with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari.

A statement by the Foreign Ministry, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it, that Jaafari "received the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations in the House of Representatives, Ivan Flores Garcia and his delegation in his office in Baghdad, and discussed during the meeting the most important issues of concern to Baghdad and Santiago, , And open the prospects for joint cooperation, and emphasize the need to exchange visits between officials of the two countries.

"Iraq aspires to establish the best relations between the two countries," the foreign minister said. "Iraq extends its relations with all countries of the world, and seeks to strengthen cooperation in international forums, and the conclusion of agreements, memorandums of understanding, support investment and exchange of experiences and experiences."

He pointed out that "the establishment of the Czech government to designate an ambassador in Baghdad is an excellent step in strengthening relations between the two countries." He pointed out that "the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the window of ministries and other government agencies to the countries of the world and is ready to open prospects for joint cooperation in all fields."

Al-Jaafari stressed that "Iraq has achieved a global victory against the terrorist gangs that have represented an enemy of all humanity." He pointed out that "Iraqis unite their different affiliations and made sacrifices to liberate Iraqi lands from the grip of terrorism. Supporting the friendly countries of Iraq in providing various assistance. "

"Iraq calls on the world to stand by its side, especially as it is going through exceptional circumstances, including: the security challenge of war against terrorists, the economic challenge, low oil prices and the cost of the war against terrorism.

For his part, said the head of the Committee on Foreign Relations in the House of Representatives Chile, according to the statement, "We are sure that the Iraqi people struggling to deepen the democratic experience, and achieve security, stability and the elimination of terrorism, and distance between the two countries do not constitute an obstacle to establish the best relations With Iraq. "

"Two years ago, we were talking about strengthening the relations between Baghdad and Santiago, and today this is achieved through great efforts made by the officials of the two countries," he said. "His visit to Iraq is a historic one; he is the first delegation to visit Baghdad in the history of bilateral relations. Fernando Salakit Sepulpeda, who presented a copy of his credentials as ambassador to Chile in Baghdad, is my country's first ambassador to Iraq. "

"Our country is ready to start a new page and establish links to serve our two peoples, especially as the delegation includes many governmental and private sectors, and everyone is seeking investment, developing trade, economic and cultural relations in various fields with Iraq. ".is over