Iraqi forces launch final battle to retake Old City, Nuri Mosque in Mosul

Lieutenant-General Raed Shaker Jawdat, Iraq's Federal Police Forces commander, said on Sunday that his forces will launch the final stage of liberating the Old City and the the Great Mosque of al-Nuri, located in Mosul's right bank.

He noted that federal police divisions have completed liberating targets within the first stage of northern axis operations.

He added that during these operations 10 vital targets have been liberated, including al-Eqtisadieen and 17 Tamouz neighborhoods.

Iraqi police divisions are currently stationed in the southern suburbs of 17 Tamouz neighborhood, Jawdat stated.

He said that this move paves the way for launching the final stage of the battle, heading towards al-Zanjili and Bab Sinjar districts.

He added that it also smoothes the way for entering the Old City and liberating al-Nuri Mosque and Al-Hadba' Manaret.

In the meantime, southern axis divisions resume launching military attrition operations against ISIS in Bab al-Toub, Qadib al-Ban and Bab al-Jadid, Iraq's Federal Police Forces commander said.

He noted that these divisions have targeted ISIS barracks and fortifications in the area surrounding al-Nuri Mosque.

Military operations in Nineveh Governorate, launched last October, have reached their final stages after liberating most of the governorate districts from ISIS' grip.