Economist explains the negative aspects of Jordan's exemption from taxes

Sunday 21 May 2017 11:37 am
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The economic expert Bassem Jameel Antoine said on Sunday that exempting Jordan from taxes is contrary to the government's commitment to protect the national product by imposing taxes on its imported counterpart. He pointed out that exemption will cause great losses to the national product, He pointed out that the exemption of Jordan may push some other countries to demand exemption from taxes also and therefore put Iraq awkward situation.

Antoine told "Iraq News" that "the exemption of Jordan from taxes came in contrast to the commitments of the government to protect the national product through the imposition of taxes on its importer," noting that "can not take a decision contrary to the introduction of imported products without taxation and this is a departure from An approach that works to develop the industrial sector, whether private or public. "

The economic expert explained that "exemption from taxes damage the Iraqi economy and will cause significant losses to the national product may be stopped and therefore will suffer from increased unemployment and the country remains dependent on the sale of oil only without activating the industrial sectors," noting that "the exemption of Jordan may pay some Other countries in the request to exempt them from taxes also and thus put Iraq in an embarrassing position. "

The Jordan Chamber of Industry has completed the list of 1300 factories for export to Iraq and exempting them from customs duties imposed by Iraq on imports from abroad, amounting to 30%.

Iraq has imposed a 30% tax on Jordanian exports, which has led many Jordanian industrialists and exporters to demand that the government, represented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, communicate with the Iraqi side to exempt Jordanian exports from this tax, which the Iraqi government has responded to. Finished 2