Iraq sets up a factory supporting the local product

Journal May 21, 2017

Baghdad - Journal News

The Minister of Industry and Minerals Mohammed Shiaa al-Sudani opened on Sunday the Baghdad Plastic Factory belonging to the General Company for Construction Industries after completion of its rehabilitation and direct operation under the contract of participation with a private sector company.

Al-Sudani said after the opening of the plant that "the coming days will witness the opening of the Maysan plastic factory, which was completed recently by the General Company for Construction Industries within the direction and plan of the ministry to rehabilitate its factories." What is the advantage of this project is the combination of benefiting from the rehabilitation plan from the company resources, With the private sector to conclude a partnership contract, which is considered a successful contract that was concluded and implemented this year.

He pointed to the development of two production lines in accordance with this project, in addition to the investor's commitment to provide raw materials with good ingredients as one of the main obstacles to the company when manufacturing these products at a high cost.

He pointed out that the production capacity of the factory of plastic pipes reached 38000 tons per year and it is hoped to reach them after completion of the other rehabilitation works to 60,000 tons per year and thus can cover all the needs of the local market of these products. He called on all state institutions to comply with the general budget law for the current year. The Law on the Protection of Iraqi Products, the decisions of the Economic Affairs Committee of the Council of Ministers and the recent decision of the House of Representatives.

Al-Sudani pointed out that the Iraqi product is manufactured in accordance with the approved standard and the German standard of quality, while there is a large proportion of imported products in the markets far from the correct specification, which has a direct impact on the lives of citizens as a result of the material leads to cancer.