Jordan: Iraq's oil pipeline project is nearing implementation

19/05/2017 10:05 | Number of readings:

Trend Press / Agencies

The Jordanian government announced that it is approaching the stage of implementation of the oil pipeline project with Iraq between the province of Basra and the city of Aqaba.

The Jordanian government spokesman Mohammed al-Momani said in a press statement that "an Iraqi technical delegation arrived in Jordan recently to draw the preliminary features of the Iraqi-Jordanian oil pipeline [Basra-Aqaba] and met yesterday with the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources [Ibrahim] Saif."

"It is also expected to hold a meeting with the Iraqi oil minister [Jabbar al-Allaibi], who accompanied the Iraqi president [Fuad Masum], who arrived in Jordan today on an official visit during which he will meet the King of Jordan."

"The details of the discussions on the subject have come a long way and are nearing the implementation stage," he said, pointing out that "the returns will benefit the improvement of the flow of energy sector between the two brotherly countries."

On the port of Trebil between Iraq and Jordan, Momani said "it is impossible to talk about setting a precise time-frame to reopen the crossing because of the importance of securing the road and the post-opening phase, which the companies concerned are currently implementing the steps necessary to secure it." These measures will be discussed accurately about the time period for re-opening.