Parliamentary Finance: Iraq sell oil prices less than Brent crude
Economy News _ Baghdad:
Last updated 19/05/2017
- 15:29
Said Parliamentary Finance Committee member Hossam Punitive on Friday that Iraqi oil is sold at lower prices than Brent crude for 7 points and take place in the same sales price specified in the budget law process and that the state of austerity is still going to now

He said punitive in an interview seen by "Economy News", the sale of Iraqi oil price is today at $ 42 a barrel less than Brent crude prices by 7 points, indicating that these prices are the same as that approved in the budget law

He added that the general budget of austerity and remains because of the need to disbursements required for staff salaries and compensation of the martyrs, the wounded and displaced persons and to secure the war against Daesh requirements as it requires a period of more to overcome the situation adding that the lifting of the deductions from staff during this year is not possible, very difficult and it for approval in budget Law as well as in the event of the sale of oil exceeded $ 50