America decides to train Iraqi forces at the hands of the most powerful military institution
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6 hours ago

Twilight News / on board a military plane Omirkah- the United States proposed that the Atlantic alliance , "NATO" The task of training Iraqi forces after defeating al - Daesh according to the Chief of Staff of the US Joint Chiefs of General Joe Dunford said Wednesday night Thursday
He said Dunford told reporters on board the plane that return from a NATO meeting in Brussels that NATO "could be in an excellent position to carry out the task of training" Iraqi forces "over a long period
He said Dunford that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi was announced that Iraqi forces could continue to need support after the victory over the organization Daesh but without specifying the demands formally
In principle it can be an important NATO is limited to the capabilities of the Iraqi army 's development
He Dunford said NATO could provide the Iraqi army "logistical assistance and equipment and capacity development and training of cadres and the establishment of academies
But he said that the task of providing guidance to the Iraqi forces will remain the prerogative of the international coalition forces against al Daesh
I will not ask NATO to provide military advice as is currently happening in Mosul (northern Iraq) or in Raqqa (northern Syria)."
He said , I do not think we're on the verge of thinking" in NATO to assume the functions of the entire coalition
The United States urges a long time ago NATO to join the alliance, knowing that each country separately from the 28 NATO nations individually involved in the international coalition
It scheduled to take place to raise the issue at a NATO summit in Brussels, the first that will be attended by US President Donald Trump
The military leaders of NATO countries have expressed support for the proposal during a meeting Wednesday, according to Gen. Petr Pavel , who heads the Military Committee of NATO