Iraq among them .. Learn easier for money laundering countries
5 hours ago

Twilight News / expressed the European Parliament, rejected the ratification of the list provided by the European Commission it says it includes countries at risk of money laundering
He declined to about 392 votes, during the European Parliament's plenary session in Strasbourg, the ratification of the list, as endorsed by 80 votes in favor and 207 abstained from voting.
The list of countries that the European Commission estimated to contain the shortcomings in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing systems Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guyana, Iraq, Republic, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen, Iran and North Korea.
Earlier this year, use the European Parliament vetoed a similar list developed by the European Commission include countries believed to be at risk of money laundering and the financing of terrorism or encourage tax evasion
Under the rejection of today's decision the need to be independent of the European Union's strategy, to judge whether these countries actually pose a threat to financial procedures rather than relying on the rule of an external body", without specifying the side.
Under the direction of the European Union to combat money laundering, has the recommendation of the European Commission to prepare an inventory of the countries that are believed to be at risk of money laundering and tax evasion and the financing of terrorism.
The faces of persons and legal entities from the countries included in the blacklist are more stringent than the usual tests when doing business in the European Union