Parliamentary calls for the formation of a Supreme Council of oil and energy under the supervision of Abadi

Wednesday 17 May 2017 05:50 pm
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BAGHDAD - A member of the oil and energy parliamentary committee Ali Faysal al-Fayadh on Wednesday called for the formation of a higher council for oil and energy under the direct supervision of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, whose task is to oversee and plan the Iraqi oil policy, manage contracts and agreements and partnerships.

Al-Fayadh said in a statement received by Iraq News, "At a time when there is an increasing need to develop and expand the interest in the oil and energy portfolio, which represents the vital artery and the most important for the Iraqi individual, we call for the formation of a higher oil and energy council in the country. Oil contracts and the follow-up of export contracts and the development of oil industries, and make the Council, the Supreme Authority and not limited to marketing company oil Sumo, which dominates the Iraqi oil sector and is the only party controlling the conclusion of contracts for the export of crude oil as well as export contracts and Esther ED derivatives ".

Al-Fayyad added that "there is foggy and unclear in many of its transactions (Sumo) and its contracts with international companies, but the Supreme Council of Oil and Energy will remove all the question marks placed on the general management of the energy file, especially that it will be under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister and the membership of each of the oil ministers Foreign affairs, finance, electricity, planning and personalities with expertise and expertise in the oil field. "

He continued that "most of the world's oil has higher boards of wealth management and the conclusion of agreements and deals and the presence of the Council will be important at the moment, especially as Iraq depends on the revolution oil as a primary source of resources," and called on the parliamentary blocs and political "to support this proposal and translated on the ground to preserve wealth And not leaving it in constant loss. "