The government is doing the local product protection law .. Obstacles remain

2017/05/17 (00:01 PM) - Number of readings: 450 - Issue (3925)


Recently, a government decision to protect national products facing recession in local markets has been activated because of the unequal competition of imported goods.

But the promotion of national products, according to economists, is not limited to protection. National industrial and agricultural products face difficulties in production and marketing Keep them in the position of the weak and the competitive.

The Ministry of Industry and Minerals has announced the approval of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers on the "request of the Minister of Industry and Minerals to protect the national product and includes 72 products locally."

Member of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Najiba Najib said in a statement (term): The global oil prices and the policy of economic reform, the deterioration has created the need to maximize the resources of the state and rely on the federal budget on resources other than oil, such as industry to achieve self-sufficiency and export the surplus abroad.

Najib added that the local product suffers from weak implementation of legislated laws to protect it, which are excellent laws. Therefore, we see a commodity explosion in the local market for the imported goods and products that flooded the Iraqi market, indicating that the local product is subject to the conditions of standardization and quality control which is not subject to many imported goods .

The local product also suffers from a real weakness and imbalance in the marketing of goods and products of Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia and others because of the lack of a political and security environment that helps to protect the national product in addition to the opening of border crossings and the non-application of tariff customs by some provinces such as Kurdistan region and the absence of revenue from adjacent to the ports of the areas that were controlled Daash.naguib also indicated that there is a weakness on the part of the government in the development of strategic plans and policies needed to support the local product and in solving the accumulated problems of weak laws that protect the product implementation of pain Lee and poor marketing of products within the country first and then to the outside, and said the government was interested in resolving the backlog at the level of politics and security problems, but they are not interested enough to support the national economy and to maximize its resources and uproot some powerful actors in making the local market, a market Tsrivia imported goods.

To maximize revenue is necessary to feed the general budget of different Broalfd, and the ambition to form a national industry, the largest proportion of the tributaries of the budget.

For his part, member of the Advisory Board at the Federation of Industries of the Iraqi and European Hashim Thanon Atraqchi in an interview (range): The most important reasons for the absence of the national product of the domestic market is to buy goods and products from outside Iraq are unbalanced and random manner and without censorship or the imposition of taxes, resulting in not to the local product's ability to compete with the imported product and cheap prices to non-taxable to the specifications of standardization and quality control

It draws Atraqchi attention to that: there is a big money laundering operations carried out by importing foreign goods cheap. He added that the local product needs to provide electricity, which is considered an important pillar in the manufacturing and production processes, pointing out that the government and private banks are very far from providing loans that help production, considering that the loans of these banks shackled on terms almost impossible many arguments, And the banks in the return of borrowed funds.

And follow: The application of economic laws is only used to publicize and talk about in the media and seminars with the Prime Minister, but not implemented even if approved by the Parliament and approved by the Prime Minister to benefit some parties and blocs Political endodontic of weak implementation in the legal performance of the bodies responsible for the activation of the national product protection laws.

Atraqchi said that the dumping of commodity imported from abroad for goods contributed to be local goods prices are high because of the high cost of production of the electricity prices of raw materials, and thus forced citizens to buy imported goods cheaper.

"The private sector is the best solution to re-provide the product and national by giving an important role to representatives of the private sector of unions and trade unions and the involvement of this sector in turn and the activation of their proposals and ratification of the laws implemented on the ground, pointing to the local industry represents between 4 and 6 percent of gross domestic product, meaning that its contribution to almost non-existent, so the involvement of the private sector will contribute to support the budget and constitutes a real tributary and one of the ways to maximize the resources of the state is noteworthy that the Ministry of Industry and minerals announced the termination of a freeze protection of domestic products law passed early in 2010, and Ca E apply its provisions formally but gradually, fearing the inclusion of materials such as the local product to meet the actual need is not enough, thus creating a state of price volatility.

The ministry said that the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers approved the inclusion of 72 items to protect the domestic product according to the general budget for the year 2015. The law ministry confirmed that this approval is the first of its kind in Iraq since several Acod.o ministry reported a book of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers which stated it "suggests the preparation of an introductory guide includes all the Ministry of Industry and minerals products are government agencies on his uncles and promoting those products through media outlets."

The secretariat confirmed in its book that it "supports the support of the public sector and the protection of the product of local Iraqi industry, as contained in Article 36 of the federal budget law for the year 2015 in order to promote the industrial reality."