Oil agreed to develop Shinafiyah refinery and refer it to investment

17/05/2017 05:12 | Number of readings: 31

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Diwaniyah Governor Sami al-Hasnawi confirmed on Wednesday the approval of the Ministry of Oil to develop the production of Shinafiyah oil refinery and refer it to investment.

"The Ministry of Oil has agreed to develop the production of Shinafiyah oil refinery to produce 70 thousand barrels per day instead of 20 thousand barrels, by referring it to investment companies to compete for it," the governor said in a statement.

He added that "the ministries of finance and planning agreed to increase the financial allocations for the development of the sewage project Diwaniyah large, allocating the amount of 10 billion Iraqi dinars is presented in two installments."

Al-Hasnawi confirmed that "the Ministry of Finance has approved the launch of allocations of rehabilitation of the road (Diwaniyah - Badir) by 4 billion Iraqi dinars, in addition to the approval of the Prime Minister on the declaration of Hor Dulmaj nature reserve and referral of its administration to the Ministry of Environment, as well as initial approval of the Minister of Agriculture to raise the proposal To the Ministry of Water Resources on increasing the agricultural area of ​​the crop to ten thousand acres. "

He added that "Diwaniyah urgently needs to launch its operating budget in order to pay the dues of the cleaning workers for five months and retroactively." Jh