The Iraqi bourse is trading 724 thousand shares and closes its index at 602 points

Views Date 17/05/2017 - 19:10

Economy News BAGHDAD,

I traded Market Iraq For securities During session Today Wednesday, stocks Exceeded The 724 thousand Arrow at when close From her At 602 points .

And he said Director Executive Director Market Taha Ahmad Slave Peace at Modern For "the economy News " , " The market I traded For this Today Wednesday stocks D Its size is 724,285,070 shares And value this is Shares Amounted to 508,277,048 dinars, at time close Indicator the prices ISX 60 at session Today At (602.88) points Low By (0.82%) Shut it down at session Previous (607.89) points . "

"He added Slave Peace That " market Trading Stock (37) Company From Out of (99) companies Included at market at when No Still Number Companies Stopped By decision From body The papers Finance For not Commitment With instructions Disclosure Financial (14) Company ".

He drew to me That " number Share Purchased From Investors Non Iraqis (37,413) million Arrow Worth (87,351) million Dinar From During Implementation (40) deal On Stock (4) companies at when D Number Share Sold From Investors Non Iraqis (201,130) million Arrow Worth Amounted to (123,097) million Dinar From During Perform (66) deal On Stock (4) companies Other For hospitals Veterinary Support Of which For this Sector Important . "

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