More Islamic State militants killed in western Mosul

Twenty Islamic State militants were killed in clashes against the Iraqi troops in western Mosul, a Federal Police officer declared.

“Fierce clashes erupted between Iraqi forces and IS militants in regions of Bab al-Toub, al-Mekkawi and Bab al-Jadid, which left 20 militants killed and others injured,” Lt. Gen. Odai Samir told BasNews on Wednesday.

“The troops confiscated the militants’ weapons,” he said adding that “police troops fully besieged al-Arbeaa and Jadid markets ahead of invading them.”

More than 30 IS militants were killed on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning as troops invaded Iqtisadiyeen and 17 Tamuz [July 17th] districts in western Mosul, Maj. Gen. Thamer al-Husseini, of Rapid Response forces, told Alghad Press earlier on the day. Moreover, Iraqi Federal Police Col. Kheder Hussein said the U.S.-led coalition fighters pounded IS locations in the desert areas of Baaj region, west of Nineveh, killing three militants and destroying a munition reservoir belonging to the group.

More than 16,000 IS members were killed since beginning of operations in Mosul, Brigadier General Yahya Rasool, the military spokesperson, said in a press conference on Tuesday declaring that 89.5 percent of western Mosul was liberated with only few districts remaining under the militants control.