A contractor from Maysan reveals the "biggest theft" of money in the history of Iraq

Tuesday 16 May

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
One of the contractors from the province of Maysan, on Tuesday, the "largest theft" of money in the history of Iraq, and pointed out that the stolen amount amounted to more than 211 billion dinars, demanded the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Finance to form a committee to investigate the matter and know the fate of the funds.

"We are a number of Iraqi contractors from the province of Maysan, we have large amounts of the Iraqi government has not handed over to us as a result of the economic situation experienced by the state," said Abdul Amir Naama Hassan in an interview with Alsumaria News. "We were surprised before the time that the Agricultural Bank / Has done more than 100 forged bills of exchange in the names of contractors in cooperation with the banking offices in the province, on the pretext that these contractors are required money, and thus withdraw funds by these bills from the headquarters.

Hassan added that "the value of the stolen money amounted to 211 billion and 637 million and 649 thousand and 265 dinars from the Agricultural Bank of Iraq, and therefore when the government to pay our money, we can not receive after this fraud, because the bank owes us money according to these counterfeit bills, That "this operation was conducted in cooperation with the control officer in the southern region, the largest theft of funds in the history of Iraq."

Hassan said that "the official in the southern region was recently released from prison by amnesty, after he had stolen large sums of money from the bank itself, and then participated in this process after his departure, which is currently running away."

Hassan said that "one of the staff of the Diwan of Maysan province / accounts also participated in the process in order to give these figures numbers of the amounts that the government, because these numbers are confidential and can not be reached only the Office of the province and the Ministry of Finance and the Council of Ministers."

It is clear that "the position of the bank has been negative so far, because he was satisfied with the spectator's position and fear," noting that "this bank has a very large rib in this theft in conjunction with other parties."

"The contractor, the cabinet and the Ministry of Finance," to form a committee to investigate the matter and know the fate of the funds that the bank fraud, "noting that" the contractors recorded their call at the judge investigating the architecture of this theft. "