Bank shares and services push Iraq's stock market lower at closing

16/05/2017 05:29 | Number of readings:

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The general index of the Iraqi Stock Exchange closed Tuesday, down 0.74%, at the point of 607.89, losing about 4.54 points, compared to levels on Monday.

The performance of the index was affected today by the decline of several shares, issued by the Secretary of Insurance by about 10%, followed by the Mosul Dam by 6.25%, and fell Al-Amin Real Estate, and Islamic Bank 5.45% and 4.76%, respectively.

On the other hand, Al Mansour shares rose by 8%, agricultural production by 4%, Ashur Bank and Baghdad for soft drinks rose by 2.86% and 2.17% respectively.

Dar Al Salam Insurance is trading today at KD 310 million, with 310 million shares traded.

Liquidity today rose to 1.1 billion dinars, compared to 960.53 million dinars in the previous session, and increased quantities to 1.2 billion shares compared to 1.15 million shares in Monday's session.