Iraqi forces are advancing to defeat Daesh in Mosul before Ramadan
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Twilight News / Iraqi US-backed forces in the neighborhoods controlled by al-Daesh in Mosul on Monday, as it seeks to take out militant fighters based in the main mosque before Ramadan progressed

Seven months after the start of the campaign to restore Mosul forces besieging militants in the northwest corner of the city where the historic old city and the Great Mosque of Al-Nouri, who lifted the militant group since June I saw it in June 2014 fall.

First Lieutenant Novell in Dari's house turned into a temporary base in the western neighborhood of agrarian reform which restored Iraqi forces three days ago, if we continue to progress so quickly, we can finish it within days

This is the last breath they are trapped completely." He said that the momentum, however, counter-terrorism forces, despite the resistance of the militant group fighters in their last stronghold in Iraq

He continued, "If a cat surrounded inside the room they Stkhaddhk."

According to military commanders and intelligence officials that they are targeting the restoration of the mosque the month of Ramadan, which begins near the end of the month of May even before if pockets remained under the control of the militants.

* "Enemy struck by"

Lt. Gen. Othman Ghanimi, chief of staff of the Iraqi army said in a video distributed by the Ministry of Defense, we get a front wide stunned the enemy and God willing, we will win before Ramadan and announce the liberation of Mosul and the people of Mosul from the Conception Daesh."

He was speaking during a visit to the lines of fighting in western Mosul

Officials say the mosque of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the caliphate Daesh it was announced on land in Syria and Iraq has symbolic value and strategy.

Fares Salal soldier in another house in the neighborhood where the agrarian reform echoes the launch of sporadic artillery fire, the greater the siege around them whenever they became fiercely fighting. No place to turn to him
Flies gathered on the charred remains of the body of one organization Daesh fighters near lying motorcycle in a street neighborhood. In the garage of another house car parked armored roadside bomb exploded in a suicide attack.

In the near Oraibi neighborhood, there was a sniper's body of members of the organization in the children's room upstairs for a house. Iraqi forces used the house as a location outside her and said that the sniper was targeting advanced forces.

The militants, who often less than their numbers on the numbers of Iraqi forces, suicide bombings, car bombs and sniper fire Zraohm amid hundreds of thousands of civilians.

Many local residents dead and fell because of heavy shelling severely and I said vital supplies and some civilians were forced to eat grass to survive

The Iraqi government said last week that the number of fleeing Mosul has increased for more than a lesbian to about ten thousand people a day