Barzani meets with a senior adviser to Trump in Washington
21 minutes ago

Twilight News / hold security adviser to the Kurdistan Region Council of Barzani happy meetings with a number of US officials , including a senior White House advisers, are discussed where several files during his current visit to Washington
And meet with Barzani and his accompanying delegation on Monday with both Jared Kushner senior adviser to US President Trump, and Herbert US National Security McMaster adviser, and Tom Bosert Homeland Security adviser
According to satellite Kurdistan 24 close to Barzani, the latter would talk relations between Erbil and Washington, and the developments of the battle of Mosul, with the US National Security Council and it will be American support for the Peshmerga forces of the most important axes of the debate
The Kurdish leader arrived in the young man to Washington on Sunday , May 14 , at the top of this senior Kurdish delegation and Barzani will present proposals to the Council of the US, about cutting the way to fears of the organization Daesh grab all areas of its grip
The delegation includes President of the Presidium of the Kurdistan region , Fouad Hussein, the representative of the region in the United States Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman the delegation will meet with a number of US officials in the White House and the State Department, Defense and Security Council
He highlighted the files that will be discussed between the delegation of the Kurdish and American officials are the referendum on the independence file and the future of relations between Kurdistan and Baghdad
And he will deliver a lecture in which Barzani happy sheds light on the situation of Kurdistan and Iraq after the liberation Daesh city of Mosul a war, and this will be the lecture under the supervision of the famous Heritage Foundation in Washington
This visit is the first to Barzani happy to America, after the receipt of Donald Trump 's presidential responsibilities
Barzani had visited Washington in December last at the head of Kurdish delegation held several meetings with US officials , including US Vice - President, and a number of members of Congress and officials at the US State Department