Envoy Trump: the right of the Kurds Talabani decide their fate
47 minutes ago

Twilight News Ghobad Talabani Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Council / said on Monday that the right of the Kurdish people to determine their own destiny through a referendum for independence

This came during a meeting with Brett Macgork US president's envoy to the International Alliance against Daesh and his accompanying delegation

According to a statement issued by the Information Office of Talabani to discuss relations between Kurdistan and America region and how to strengthen the meeting, especially the military domain to eliminate terrorism adding that the meeting also discussed government reforms, the internal situation in the Kurdistan Region, and the question of a referendum

And on the war against Daesh and achieved the Peshmerga forces and Iraqi forces Talabani said that militarily achieved good victories and liberated many cities and regions and the remaining that after control and completely on all land how and politically can prevent the recurrence of such aggregates

Talabani promised political and intellectual solution that no less important than a military solution in the cities and areas that were under the control of Daesh

The face of the visiting delegation questions to Talabani on the issue of Ada referendum in Kurdistan replied Talabani saying that "like all the peoples of the world from the right of the Kurdish people to decide their own destiny and hold a referendum, which Satmon the Kurdish and the international community because this issue of national and must be resolved by the citizens of Kurdistan https://www.shafaaq.com/ar/Ar_NewsReader/cdb67b86-184e-4e41-8564-d6fe6057c779