Palanwowerev .. 10 strongest economies in the world until 2030
Economy News Baghdad: Last updated 05/15/2017
- 14:48
It revealed a report economist published recently that China will occupy the center first as the strongest economy worldwide while going to be the Saudi strongest Arab in the year 2030
It noted the report issued from the Foundation " Price Water House Koubbers " PricewaterhouseCoopers to the analysis of the economies of the world until the year 2030 indicate that the economy of China will overtake the US, and will be the economy of the Indian in the center third
It showed the report, which carried the title " Outlook long term : how to change the system of economic global by the year 2050 ? To the economy of Japan will occupy the center fourth and Indonesia will surpass the economy of the German and Russian while the fall economy , the British to the Center for the tenth
Arab, will occupy the Saudi Center for the first while it will be its economy the third ten globally the economy of the Egyptian Vchristtl Center 19 globally and the second Arab and First Africa according to the expectations of the report Economic