Barzani: Politics Baghdad government wrong the biggest threat to the unity of Iraq
May 15, 2017
| 13:00
The President of the Kurdistan Regional Government, "Nechirvan Barzani on Monday, criticizing the government of Abadi questioned the What did Baghdad to keep Iraq united, what did you do for the Kurds or for them, what made for the year

He said, "Barzani" in a press interview briefed him the Iraqi position The adoption of the wrong policy is the biggest threat to the unity of Iraq "the wrong policy of the Baghdad wrong and thinking about who runs the government, is the largest on the unity of Iraq, the danger

He stressed that Barzani that Iraq is in danger if you do not take these things seriously and put solutions .uan the issue of the presence of the Kurdistan Workers' Party in Sinjar pointed out the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government it pkk aims to create instability in the region in general

And Oaudhav "Barzani" with regret and so far there are bodies in Baghdad in the forefront of parties Shiite Popular Alliance and the crowd providing aid for the PKK and I think this is a wrong policy does not take into account the good-neighborly relations with Turkey is not in Iraq's interest to act in this way we have to agree on the principle that the presence of PKK means instability in the Sinjar region