Document ... Sadr calls Saudi Arabia and Iran to avoid escalation after Awwamiyya events
May 15, 2017
| 12:56
New Sadrist leader Sayyed "*Moqtada al-Sadr on Monday, calling for both Iran and Saudi Arabia to avoid escalation and restraint, as called for leaving peoples to self-determination*

According to a statement published by the private office received "the Iraqi position," a copy of it, the leader of the Sadrist movement, referred to the events that took place in the town Awwamiyya of the area of ​​Qatif east of Saudi Arabia where he said, We are encouraged as we found a positive breakthrough in the Saudi-Iraqi relations ... and we thought it is the beginning of the retreat the decline of sectarian acrimony in the Islamic Arab region

He added, al-Sadr" that prima facie not palatable Iike by some Vtojajt media conflicts between some countries in the region which was the only affected because of the people, led by the Syrian people and the Yemeni and Bahraini and Pakistani and Afghan and Burmese and Iranian and Saudi Arabia and others.

He explained, "al-Sadr" that the majority of the front Twelver region endured the ravages of those statements that are not pointless at all as Stdhuq minority Sunnis and the scourge in nature front states

He continued, al-Sadr" that what happened there is no acceptable reason or initiated and will not satisfy the Holy Prophet and Imams and other saints, and pointed out that instead stand together to fight the Trinity fateful (America, Israel and Britain) and its tail criminal Daesh and all the militants of all religions and sects ... became mostly jostling among themselves and pour their anger on their own people He stressed "the chest" that "Shiites are Shiites Muhammad Ali and the imams of their child exclusively do not there is no need because count on the state of the state was, and the year is not affiliated to any country whatsoever and Enough Enough injustice ... and come to a word between us and you

As everyone called in particular Iran and Saudi Arabia to exercise restraint and to leave aside the escalation and let all peoples to decide its fate saying call on them to take care of Bhabehma without regard to creed, caste, creed, religion or race
It is worth mentioning that the Saudi authorities closed the main roads in Qatif and tightened security measures and a few days of announcing the killing of a Pakistani worker and a Saudi child in an armed attack in the town's old quarter after Awwamiyya.