Iraqi forces prepare to storm Eqtisadieen, 17 Tamouz districts in Mosul
May 13 2017
03:16 PM
Commander of the Federal Police Units Gen. Raid Shaker Jawdat said on Saturday the forces are besieging ISIS terrorists in the districts of al-Eqtisadieen and 17 Tamouz west of Mosul

Our forces are surrounding the defenses of ISIS terrorists with the aid of heavy firepower from different branches of the army he said.

The forces also managed to remove mines and guided missiles from the liberated areas of Bab al-Tub Bab al-Jadid and al-Farouq, he further noted.

The commander yet indicated the Iraqi forces are working to deplete the defense capabilities of the terror group and is slowly advancing on Grand Nuri Mosque

Iraq has been fighting a major battle against the terrorists of ISIS in Mosul for months

The Iraqi forces, aided by the US-led coalition are pushing against the terror group in the city's right bank and are about to completely liberate the once ISIS-stronghold city