Vice: debt owed by Iraq reached 107 trillion dinars
Twilight News

Twilight News / confirmed a member of the parliamentary finance committee Najiba Najib, said that the total accumulated debt on the Iraqi government came to 107 trillion dinars, pointing out that the Kurdistan region has not benefited from these loans

Najib said the Kurdistan Alliance, a member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, in a press statement seen by Twilight News, that the internal and external debt that has accumulated on Iraq internally and externally amounted to 107 trillion dinars, which 55 trillion dinars dating back to the era of the former regime

Najib added that the remaining loans that resulted from Iraq after 2003 came to the shortfall in the general budget compensation over the past years

She explained that the 21 trillion allocated for the development of Iraq's economic infrastructure that those devoted afterthought to the development of the country, which have been borrowed from some countries and the International Monetary Fund debt, including the Kurdistan region has not benefited in any way*

She noted that the House of Representatives has not received since 2012, the final accounts of the Federal Government to know the Council the level of waste in the money in past years quantity and how they spent but he also said the Council informed that the amounts allocated to most projects is twice its real costs