Jubouri confirms parliament's support for lawmakers

12/05/2017 18:27

Speaker of Parliament Dr. Salim Al-Jubouri participated in the activities of the First Creative Lawyer Festival, which was held by the Iraqi Bar Association on Friday.

The Speaker of the Parliament said during a speech at the festival that the interest in the legal men is a direct support for the foundations of democracy and freedoms and rights is the fortress, which is protected by the oppressed and the oppressed.

Al-Jubouri said that the task of the man of law entrusted with the defense of justice is no less important than the role of the fighter who is fighting the battle to drive evil from his country and achieve stability, security and peace in favor of his country.

"We are growing up with the Iraqi lawyer to be courageous in holding a vital role in the initiative to defend public issues such as the cases of journalists and the segments that are being hampered by the decisions of the authority or the excesses of party or window parties that try to disrupt the justice process or obstruct it or divert its course with its non- Legitimacy ".

He added that "the independence of the Bar Association in its work and directions and away from the partisan influences to ensure the fairness of the justice of the issue of its members and citizens alike."

Jubouri pointed out that "the Iraqi Council of Representatives will remain supportive of all the efforts of this distinct segment where the first reading of the law of trade unions and professional associations sent by the Council of Ministers, and soon will be completed, God willing."

Al-Jabouri expressed his keenness to "not repeat the reasons leading to the growth of hatred, hatred and racism, and we are working to consolidate the foundations of law and the civil state and good citizenship and good governance."

Jubouri pointed out that "the most important requirements of this stage the enforcement of the law amnesty, which opens the way to review many of the cases that have been adjudicated in the past, which took place under exceptional circumstances and unclear."

On the other hand, the Speaker of the Parliament stressed the need to address the situation of victims of justice and to find legislation and decisions necessary to ensure their rights, and stand strongly against the adoption of secret informant information as a source of charges of citizens, which led thousands of people to prisons.

Where he called for the work of the principle of ((pardon God)) and to open a new page for a post-urgent and in which we want stability and coexistence away from the personal quarrels that try to engage the Iraqi society reconciled in the conflict of the political class.