Lawmaker reveals new details on electoral commission's parliamentary inquiry

Al-Ahrar Bloc lawmaker Majidah al-Tamimi has uncovered new details in relation to the parliamentary hearing conducted recently for the electoral commission.
She asserted she brought forth clear proofs on 'corruption' of the commission.
In a press release, the Sadrist lawmaker said that the electoral commission pursued selectivness when it comes to dealing with the people covered by Accountability and Justice Act.
The commission signed agreements with firms that were facing liquidation, squandering a lot of money, the lawmaker insisted.
She also revealed that she got documents from the Ministry of Finance proving that the commission posts revenues.
Al-Tamimi also spoke about 'the inflated budgets and inflated values of the signed contracts, asserting that interrogating the commission is different than grilling ministers since it does not represent certain political affiliations.
On the timing of the interrogation, the lawmaker said that she gathered documents proving the commission's involvement in corruption.
I took time to collect these papers since it does not make sense that this commission could give me such documents condemning it, al-Tamimi explained.
As long as we have enough time, accountability should happen, the lawmaker, who tabled the motion to bring the electoral commission's officials before the MPs.
The bloc, which represents the Sadrist Movement in the parliament, revealed Wednesday it tabled a motion to withdraw confidence from the electoral commission.
It also added it started dialog with the other blocs in the parliament to secure a vote 'to dismiss the electoral commission'.
The performance of the electoral commission has been a moot point among the Iraqi political trends, with the Sadrist Movement opposing it, saying it is biased and politically motivated.
The Movement staged weekly protests demanding the change of the commission ahead of the elections.