Iraq's oil exports 3.5 million barrels during the day.



According to a source in the oil sector of Iraq, Wednesday, that exports Iraq's oil amounted to 3. 5 million barrels of oil fields in Basra southern country.

He said the source in the talk followed 'economyNews", that "exports of Iraq from the port of Basra oil terminal during the day Wednesday, amounted to 3. 5 million dollars", noting that "Iraqis still committed to OPEC agreement on reducing the production of oil. "

He was speaking on behalf of the Ministry of oil in Iraq on7 May present, that exports crude reached 3.252 million barrels per day in average in April last, down slightly from 3.259 million barrels per day in the previous month.

Added spokesman Assem Jihad to Iraq issued 3.230 million barrels daily from the ports of the South in Basra, and 22 thousand barrels a day from fields in Kirkuk in the North.

He explained that the out come of Iraq sales of crude reached 4.6 billion dollars at a price 47.275 dollars a barrel.

And quantities declared covers all exports of "company marketing of Iraqi oil" (Sumo) of southern ports and the port of Ceyhanon the Turkish Mediterranean Sea.