DHI receive 30 billion dinars from peasant dues


Announced a conservative continent Yahya Nazarene,Wednesday, the arrival of 30 billion dinars from dues countrified conservative marketing season now, stressing the direct distribution through days next few.

He said the Nazareneina statement release received "economyNews", that "branch trading grain in the province recognizes over priced marketing on Wednesday, which would cover the amounts of quantities marketed currently", pointing to "divide the amount equally between Nasiriyah silo and Rifaiand will be distributed during the days ahead, few in the framework directive CLA to accelerate in the distribution of these receivables in support of agricultural sector and facilitate the work of peasants."

And noted Nazarene to "maintain support the efforts involved in marketing centers that continue to work in continuing to facilitate the process of receipt and not to delay the peasants who during operations weight testing laboratory and processes of unloading" stressing "quantities arrived for marketers to more than 34 thousand tons in all marketing centres in the province Until today", And that "there are other amounts will arrive within a few days ahead to secure receivables all peasants", pointing to the" support the Government's central agriculture sector from within to provide amounts marketing will in moving the wheel of this sector and promote it and invest all energies to develop it in the future ".

She was a conservative continent distributed last month 60 billion dinars, from receivables peasants in 2016,which is what accounted for 77%, after claims the Government local payment receivables finance for farmers .

He was Minister Council announced its approval to create a metal silo in spend Shatrahto accommodate beans crop farming in the province of reserve allocations of emergency.