Urgent Iraqi PM demands Baghdad services intervention to deter land mafias in d.c.

2017/5/10 13:46

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Repackaging it demanded Baghdad services demanding premiership to deter land mafias.

The Chairman of the Commission of Baghdad Jassim Services Agency alhamidaoi {Euphrates news} today "we ask the Prime Minister to intervene to stop the land mafias in the capital Baghdad's inability.

The last period saw the takeover "mafiosi" on important areas of Baghdad outside the law and took acting as go without there being a campaign or legal action taken against these mafias.

Not only has the land grabbing mafias that just but you break it, and then sell them to citizens "forged bonds."

Baghdad said earlier that its personnel assigned to remove the overrides to medium-weapons threats, the security authorities to create the necessary protection to preserve the lives and safety of strength.

It is said that the abuses that tarnished in the basic design of the capital and disrupted several projects had to be implemented in those Territories exceeded them.