The young will lead the economy after ISIS


Samir Al Nassiri

She received information, political and economic circles and popular in most countries of the world win the new French President who does ytgaost (39) years of age (us) to French presidential election, with more than 65% of the vote.

Thus the experience of mature democracy so young lion believes in moderation and vitality and youth leadership in France in all political and economic fields.

Lead us to think that considering his experience in leading a new Renaissance of his country with his love of popular and home to a future Iraq within weeks to move into a new phase in bypass transition in politics and Economics and will move to a new phase a task after ISIS.

Let us be inspired by lessons from the experiences of developed countries and peoples are politically and economically efficient by relying on Iraqi youth and ambition and enlightened leadership in national economy and particularly the economic market and new methodology based money market vitality and determination to overcome the challenges and focus on youth the believer the ability of Iraq's beloved homeland proud Iraqi Division in the transition to a new phase in the proper construction of the Iraqi economy and banking service with a new spirit carry all the ambitions of young people and provide the best banking products and services to the public in accordance with the bottom look careful development In policies and programmes and visions and adopt modern banking purifications.

Here you should be supporting banks Association youth team steps to achieve this goal, taking advantage of the experiences of previous generations in all economic activities and banking and employment according to their abilities and competencies and youth potential for achieving youth leadership for economic and banking market in the new stage.

Therefore the results of the activity of the Association and particularly young trainees who were trained during the first months of this year and 600 young and her plan to train more than 2000 young people from the banking and media staff this year to guide the youth will lead the economy and banking market soon because I believe whoever earns youth will ensure the future.