Sep 25 4:55 PM [scotti g] I am going to drop a tid-bit on you that I did not share yesterday. I did just post much of what I said yesterday into Okie Skuttlebutt as scotti g 9-24-11. So here is what I added and wanted to share with each of you in chat!!!!

Sep 25 4:55 PM [scotti g] I really did not breakdown in detail the tremendous amount of information we are receiving daily but let me highlight a couple of more pieces of information that really is undeniably great. I was looking for the RV to go active Tuesday (again) and when it didn't I began to examine where we were at again. I was looking at the Iraqi Stock Market - ISX which was to go back into active trading on Thursday. Now this is the same Thursday that Dr. Shabibi was privately addressing the UN. I then received a copy of a letter from an ISX representative stating that their platform was ready to go live again but they were unable to do so until the CBI adjusted the value of the IQD..... Woahhhhhh Daddy! That was strong. Since then the confirmation of timing has been coming in from every sector including bank owners from the Middle East areas!!! NO they were not giving TEST RATES but they were aware of the accuracy of the information some of us have been presenting an wanted to confirm that our assessment of the timing was exactly right! Okie shared with me earlier about a contact who was privy to topic matter of a bunch of WTO and bankers who were meeting today in the USA. That topic-------IQD. Are you loving the place we are in yet?

4:56 PM [scotti g] weneedit Off the chart good for the last 4 days!

4:58 PM [scotti g] dinali If the rate is above $4.40 then I would not bank on that!!! Do what you will but you will likely be disappointed if you are hoping for higher!

4:58 PM [noriawill31] Scotti hunny will b in dubai on r&r on thursday...does it look good for me to be able to bring him home permanently

4:59 PM [scotti g] noriawill31 I don't know about bringing them home but if they have some IQD that would be timely!

5:00 PM [scotti g] jm44 Look for the rate I have stated for months now Above $3.50 and $4.40 below! I have received some confirmation to this. I hope we are both correct!

5:01 PM [scotti g] OK I must go and feed the horses nd cows so let's keep our eyes on the RV horizon and be blessed!

5:03 PM [scotti g] WE are still waiting because things were obviously not aligned properly. It appears that they now are! Hope that helps! Bye now!