Joint operations Announces 100 death daashi air strikes in Western Anbar

2017-05-09 at 17:35

Baghdad the balance of news

Joint operations command announced Tuesday, killing 100 daashi air force carried out strikes in Anbar, a Western-based Suq al Shuyukh, in referring to destroy sites for manufacturing bombs and rockets and explosives plants wheels and designated aircraft.

Command said in a statement, the balance of news/received, a copy of it, that "Air Force planes carried out an air strike in 11, and four air strikes in Western Iraq-based, killing more than 47 terrorist, terrorist 53-based toll", indicating that these cells were targeted "private gangs working toward Baghdad."

She added, that "strikes also resulted in the destruction of the missiles and bombs sites and plants, wire wheels, a place dedicated to aircraft and additives is called alanghmasiin and the suicidal."

The General Commander of the armed forces face Haidar Abadi, last Thursday, sending more reinforcements to defeat the terrorists to the Iraqi border with Syria, while the security forces continue to hunt Al Anbar Western ISIS