The parliamentary balance/economy News: Iraq reached $107 billion divan

2017-05-09 at 18:30

Special the balance of news

Committee member stressed economy and of representative Najib, a brilliant investment, Dewan Iraq reached 107 billion dollars, indicated that half of it belongs to the Government of the ousted regime before 2003.

Najib said, to balance the News/Iraq divan, "after new loans borrowed by Iraq totaled 107 billion dollars, half of it left the Government before 2003, aware that" debts include Kuwait and international proceedings against reparations Iraq, as well as judicial claims. "

"The other half of the debt is divided into two parts first internal loans with Treasury and Reserve Bank alrczi and Dewan, other sections of the World Bank loans and credits America and Japan.

Najib noted that "these debts will be paid in the form of payments (installments), and annual payments from the State budget (sovereign).

And on a related note, we answer, "the absence of economic financial policies before 2014, why borrow Iraq as budgets were austere."

Enabling Iraq, earlier, write off 100 billion Paris Club debt of $140 billion dollars after Iraq signed individually with these countries debt reduction agreement towards Iraq and 80% of them, while some countries of the Paris Club agreement with Iraq to write off 100 percent of their debts over Iraq direction