Keeper Announces application "localize payroll departments


Payments Service Manager said the Central Bank gave Abdul Karim, Tuesday, to the end of the year will apply the law of State employees salaries localization, expecting to see a rapid response by those ministries.

Abdul Karim said in a recent press release seen by "economy", "the decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 313 all ministries to localize their employees ' salaries," stating that "the draft settlement of salaries will feature all the provinces of Iraq."

"Ministerial staff and services will be responsive to electronic processes which would be included in a draft settlement of salaries", adding that "there are other services non-resettlement project payroll allocation, convert and store salary as the employee desires.

"The draft settlement of payroll will reduce financial losses of ministries thanks to the transparent and delicate in handling the issue of salaries.

The Central Bank, was revealed in last March 23 of this year, the desire of many ministries to localize paid, pointing out specific banks had been chosen to participate in this project.