Iraq shows a note about closing ports by terrorists in Mosul

May 9, 2017


Iraqi Vice President Osama, Tuesday, that casualties among civilians in Mosul returns to using hardware security firepower "excessively", made a remark about closing all ports by terrorists.

The Office said in a statement sent to Iraq ", SNG Vice President Usama Najafi met, Ambassador of Australia in Iraq Christopher you man", noting that "Edit battle of Mosul were discussed, and Australian efforts in support of Iraq, political elections file, the situation in Kurdistan and Kirkuk, Iraq after ISIS, the settlement document.

Iraq stressed during initial positions constants "statement", noting "the heroic efforts of Iraqi armed forces in liberating Mosul despite excessive use of firepower by some of these devices, leading to the loss of innocent civilians who had been asked to stay in their homes."

Iraq expressed "a note about closing all the ports in the terrorists are driving them to despair and using civilians as cover for them and dealing with them harshly unsurpassed," pointing out that "it was possible to hunt terrorists across controlled port and eliminate them in open areas without loading the civilians horrors between the houses.

Iraq called Australia "to provide more support to Iraq to face war conditions and the Organization of ISIS offender", pointing out that "efforts to restore life to the left coast of Mosul suffers from constraints of the local Government's inability to deal with big job, as well as a shortage of possibilities, so it takes time and backers of the international community the possibility of Government remains without requirements."

He continued "I'm respecting Iraq's legislative elections on time and incorporate provincial elections", stressing that "post ISIS require first appearance of missing political solutions and build confidence measures, symmetry and equality and the principle of citizenship.

Australian Ambassador stressed that "Australia provides air support to Iraq in fighting terrorism, working on police training," pointing out that "$ 110 million was earmarked for three years to support efforts to rebuild what was destroyed by ISIS."

Security forces continue to edit the remainder of subject areas under the control of organizing "ISIS" in the city of Mosul, where he has made remarkable progress and inflicted heavy losses of life and regulation equipment.