The Ministry of finance to discuss the federal budget strategy


The Finance Ministry said on Tuesday, the federal budget strategy discussion for State adoption indicated oil "is not reassuring."

Finance Minister Abdul Razak said alessa in a statement "the economy news got a copy of it," the Federal State budget strategy discussed in the presence of representatives of ministries and several members of the House of representatives, stating, "it was a discussion of priorities that represent line begin shaping the federal budget in light of the economic and financial possibilities of the State."

Alessa said, that "oil is resource unit adoption messages and uncertain economic indicators," stressing that "high oil prices requires an increase in the level of government spending."

Alessa said, that "coordination with international financial organizations in this field develop important steps on the path to financial modernization imposed full shift to the advanced electronic management of the financial system, leading to a high level of transparency which ensure surround effects of corruption in the joints is responsible for the country's economic and financial profile."

Alissa, urged the ministries and institutions of the State to "arrange the map of expenditures according to urgency and adjust airadtha to achieve sufficient treatment for any deficit that might arise on the federal budget."