Khawla al-Asadi: banks need to keep pace with progress in the banking Altguennaat
Economy News _ Baghdad:
Last updated 05/08/2017
- 14:10
Said Director General of the Rafidain Bank Acanutop Khawla al-Asadi, on Monday that the banks need to be oriented towards the development of its work through the introduction of modern banking technologies

Said al-Asadi said in an interview for "Economy News" that working in Iraq, the banks need to keep pace with the development in the banking established in international banks, "noting that" the Central Bank of Iraq the main and real support of the banks for the purpose of using the latest banking technologies

The conference of banking technology which held its work in Baghdad on (6-7) from May this excellent and important timing is very appropriate to inform the banks on the latest technologies

Asadi explained that "our pace is slow because of the routine happening in addition to the challenges that confront us though we will be in compliance with the directives and instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq regarding the use of banking technologies