Chairman of the Integrity Commission, Protector of corruption in Iraq
May 8, 2017
| 11:34
By: Salim al-Hassani
Succession of several heads of the National Integrity Commission, and their performance was a failure, did not result in little to reveal the result of corrupt adult. The reason is either because some of them hold coverage deals with corrupt blocs, or some of them hides the files of corruption out of fear for his post. In both cases, the senior officials of the Integrity Commission are the sponsors of corruption and its supporters.

Between the period and other officials come out in this body Vihdthon closely detect files and names, and then end up to neglect, they have been reassured that the people can not do anything, and that the media will forget press conferences, but parliament is a legislative body that is under the dome the largest settlement and compromise deals , this is the case since the first session so far, and will continue as well as in the session or future sessions as long as the case remains as it is.
with the last president Hassan al - Yassiri, heated statements released that will resolve the deferred files, and it will run in relentless battle against corruption and corrupt, and made visits to the references of religion and holy shrines where it ends with a press conference called the menacing statements, even to feel the citizen, he is to reach his office even muggers reveals all of them and put them in a long line in front of the looted people.

But Yasiri, running silent, and melt away, even covers forgetting what he said and what he promised.
Hassan al - Yassiri spoke about the magnitude of corruption and serious, and spoke about the big names will be surprises for the Iraqi citizen, spoke more than that, so that the Iraqi citizens realize that it is no different from others, and that part of the system of corruption, in these institutions do not prove the integrity of the official only exposing corruption, and Other than that he belonged to it and guarding the corrupt, that is more harmful to the country and the people of the corrupt themselves.

Encourages Yasiri to continue his way, ie to cover up the corrupt, when he found that the reform demonstrations do not approach him, he realized with certainty that he leads his role with high efficiency.

The demonstrators did not ask themselves as they go out under the slogans of reform, why not heading in the National Commission against the rallying cries of integrity and senior officials, instead of chanting slogans demanding to amend the Electoral Law and the Electoral Commission?

What is the point of elections and the new Commission and the new parliament and government law, as long as the detection of corrupt institution fixed and does not change its way and methods of protecting the corrupt?

Who wants to reform, he must begin the reform of the Integrity Commission, in order to unfold corrupt, and when it becomes every possible solution.

Besides, each block must reveal Vasudaiha, Vaketlh that do not reveal corrupt, corrupt.