Zebari reveals a potential timing for a referendum Kurdistan
May 8, 2017
| 11:13
Chairman of the supervisory body said the referendum in Kurdistan, Hoshyar Zebari province on Monday, said that the region may be voted on independence referendum in the autumn

The Kurds intend to hold a referendum later this year, the first steps that will pave the independence of the Kurdistan region of Iraq

He stressed, Zebari in an interview with the British newspaper The Times that seen by the "Iraqi position," We have lost hope in the new Iraq

He added, "Zebari said," that the holding of the referendum in the Kurdistan Region is likely to be in the next fall noting that the referendum would be held after the liberation of Mosul from the grip of the terrorist organization Daesh.

The head of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, has said in another statement that the time has already come for the independence of Kurds from Iraq and noted that the first steps towards that goal, requiring a referendum https://www.al-mawqif.com/55773