ISIS: Iraqi forces break into three new neighborhoods west of Mosul

The Iraqi forces stormed today three new districts in the west of the city of Mosul (north), where fighting continues with the terrorist group Islamic State (EI, ISIS or Daesh), which still controls some districts of the city.
The leader of the 16th Iraqi Army Division, Hayem al-Drayi , told Efe that troops control 75% of the Hawi al-Kanisa neighborhood , after crossing the Tigris River that crosses the city from north to south with floating bridges .
Al Drayi explained that the fighting in that area lasted for seven hours and culminated in the death of 30 terrorists, and that at the moment the uniformed persons are chasing the members of the group who have fled to forests and orchards.
In the district they took control of the church and the old monastery.
The troops also freed more than 80 families who were trapped in that neighborhood and were moved south of Mosul by military trucks to be relocated to IDP camps.
On the other hand, a commander of the Counterterrorism Forces , General Abdelgani al Asadi, told Efe that his units interrupted in the industrial district Wadi Ekab and controlled large parts.
In addition, special units killed 13 extremists, including three suicide bombers, and detonated two bomb vehicles.
Al Asadi added that anti-terrorist and Federal Police forces stormed this morning in the Al-Haramat neighborhood and recovered the apartment blocks in the area after killing 17 radicals.
Both bodies continue to advance in area 30 Tamuz where they killed the ISIS suicide bomber responsible , who was not identified by the source.
Pro-government pro-government militias led by Shiite People's Multitude today announced they had killed 725 extremists, including 163 suicides, during the past 30 days in the districts of Tel Abta, Hatra and Tel Afar , west of Mosul .
Iraqi forces are struggling to wrest ISIS from the western part of Mosul since last February, having driven the terrorists out of the eastern half at the end of January.