Al-Sari: Not naming a minister of finance or agent has a negative impact on the performance of the ministry

Date of release: 2017/5/8 14:19 122 times read

The deputy head of the parliamentary finance committee on the mass of citizen Faleh al-Sari said that the failure to appoint a minister of finance or agent adversely affected the performance of the ministry, although it is a federal ministry responsible for the formulation of fiscal policy and the provision of funds allocated in the budget law.

The MP Faleh al-Sari said in a statement issued by the information office of the citizen bloc received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "the performance of the Ministry of Finance is still the weakest link in the economic cycle of the country, where the official files were not activated and basic in support of the budget and the provision of funds as non-utilitarian income, Files of banks and insurance - taxes, customs and fees - state property ".

He added that "this ministry, if entrusted with competent and competent people will turn these files to revenues contribute to the budget and maximize non-utilitarian revenues."

"The financial and administrative corruption contributed to the non-increase of revenues in the tax sector and customs."

The House of Representatives voted in September by a majority to withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, after he decided to make the vote on the withdrawal of confidence secret and remained the post of Minister of Finance has been vacant so far.