Deputy for the citizen: The next battle requires the return of the work of factories stalled

Editorial date: 2017/5/8 18:59 24 times read

(Baghdad: al-Furat News) The MP from the mass of citizen Mohammed al-Masoudi, on Monday, that the battle of Iraq next requires the return of the work of government plants stalled.

"There are instructions issued to the local governments not to approve and according to the powers granted to them to promote the transfer of employees of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to the rest of the ministries to preserve the competencies in them and not to empty, and because the Iraqi industry and only The future vision of both the Iraqi parliament and the federal government is on the verge of a major industrial boom. "

He added that "the Iraqi industry suffers from several problems trying both the parliament and the government to eliminate or reduce them, including the high cost of production of one commodity compared to competition of foreign goods because of high costs of production, especially with regard to energy, in addition to the financial allocations related to loans Support and facilities for the establishment of Iraqi national industries and the reluctance of the investor to enter the Iraqi market for lack of financial cover and a strong bank protects him.

He pointed out that "the federal government is working on the abolition of the Bramir law on the settlement of the salaries of industry and dependence on the advances granted by the government, and thus deprive workers in this sector of financial allocations and irregular in their salaries and their withdrawal to the ministries that may provide them with these financial resources."

Masoudi pointed out that "the battle of Iraq next will be in one aspect save hundreds of government factories stalled and return them to the ranks of Arab industry at least."