Crimes requiring the former Director of Rafidain prison for harming public money

In safe May 8, 2017 10 visit


Fair body, announced Monday, was sentenced in absentia the former Director General of the Rafidain Bank, its lack reason to inflict damage to convict public money amount (438) billion dinars.

The Commission said in a statement received a copy, SNG tamhakmh Assize integrity issues early last month issued the absentia escaped convict who was Director General of Rafidain ", stating that" the details of the case goes back to 2004.

She was convicted, did damage to money or the interest which were staffed by the amount of four hundred and thirty-eight billion dinars on war damage compensation account without documenting that amount in your bank statements and documents ", stating that" the report of the Office of financial supervision and the legal representative of the Bank upheld charges to convict with ongoing management investigation recommendations noted in the Office of Public Finance Ministry u ended to damage caused by public money as a result of its failure. "

She added, "the Court reached sufficient conviction convicted guilty charges, as well as the wife of his escape from justice, decided to sentence him according to article 340 penalties", stating that "governance ensures that two support attachment of movable and immovable assets, and the right of the affected side (Rafidain) claim case acquire peremptory class rule."

Fair body was announced, Tuesday (2 May 2017), to the competent criminal court integrity issues in Baghdad issued two Moslem militants to prison for ten years for two clients of the Rafidain Bank.