96 billion in revenues to the customs body for the month of March

08-05-2017 03:43 PM

The General Administration of Customs revealed on Monday that the total revenue for the month of March of this year, more than 96 billion dinars, indicating that income increased about 43 billion dinars compared to the same month last year.

The Commission said that the total revenues of the Commission for the month of March of the year 2017 reached 96922555677, 96 billion and 922 million and 555 thousand and 677 دينارا'.

She added that ' the amount achieved for the same month of last year, 53658662610, 53 billion and 658 million and 662 000 and 610 JD ', adding that ' the increase in total revenue for the month of March 2017 than it was for the same month last year amounted to 43263893067, 43 billion and 263 million and 892 000 67 دينارا'.