Internal Inspectorate: 239 monitoring administrative and financial corruption case to the Ministry in Baghdad.

2017-05-08 at 10:37

Baghdad scales news

Detect Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry, 239, monitoring status of administrative and financial corruption in the circles of the Ministry in Baghdad during the month of April.

The report said Baghdad Inspectorate month April 2017 received/balance of news copy, "due to the efforts of inspection and audit its cadres from the provinces and the SFC managed to monitor departmental corruption case 216 23 cases of corruption during the month, indicating that the Directorate carried out an inspection tour 259 month and 51 Commission inspection visit.

The report noted that "the administrative corruption indices 216 was discovered: 158 neglected, and 26 cases of voter fraud, and 20 functional exploited, and 8 cases of abuse of authority, and 4 cases of wrongdoing warrantees.

He explained that "corruption indices discovered 23:12 cases of bribery, and 3 cases of theft and four counts of embezzling, as cases of wasting money."

The report noted that "the Directorate has taken legal action on detections, and ongoing regulatory procedures to monitor cases of corruption or preventing future."