Iraq market for securities discusses solutions technology applications


Iraq stock exchange opened Monday in Beirut its apps and securities trading technology solutions, stressing the need to attract investments to the stock market.

Market Executive Director said Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam in the statement "the economy news received a copy of it, that the Conference is being held in the Lebanese capital of Beirut is the second after he was last year in the U.A.E. State as there was between the two conferences conferences and workshops held within Iraq and yielded positive results supported the market in his work, stating that the Conference was attended by senior officials of the Central Bank and a number of Iraqi ministries add global investment companies and brokerage firms.

Abdel Salam drew the objective of the Conference is to achieve goals that have nothing to do in attracting investment wetosoib and correction trends that we repent by financial markets and plans, especially her relationship with financial institutions and also with market elements of stock companies and brokerage firms and their investors move tool defined market.

Abdel Salam to Iraq securities market law talks about capital market in Iraq is composed of key elements supported by improved market functioning and to securities that are structured to help market needs rules and also companies to disclose its contribution and review quarterly annual performance levels.

Abdel Salam predicted that the Conference further discussions among your target walmanin investment companies in the securities markets.