Central Bank calls for banks to keep up with the latest information technology
Economy News Baghdad:
Last updated 05/07/2017
- 13:04
He called on the Director of the Information and Communications Technology Department at the Central Bank, Adnan Asaad Sunday, banks to move towards the banking business and keep up with the latest information technology

He said Assad during his speech on the second day of the Conference of banking technologies and followed the "Economy News", "the central bank calls on banks to the need to move towards banking and accompanied by the use of the latest information technology noting that it must be a number of technology employees in the central bank does not increase 35 employees

He added that "the central bank calls for banks develop short, medium and long plans to keep up with the latest information technology calling on banks to "the establishment of data centers inside Iraq

He pointed out that information security policy was an important subject in banking transactions stressing the need to "deal with the Iraqi specialized in the field of information technology companies and give the opportunity for the Iraqi youth in this area

And We hope banks rely on consultants for the purpose of developing banking cadres towards advanced and excellent service banks