Operation quality of intelligence in Baghdad.

2017-05-07 at 13:50

Baghdad scales news

The national intelligence service said Sunday, on the arrest of the gang for counterfeiting and drug smuggling seeks in Baghdad and the provinces.

He said in a statement sent to device/balance of news/copy, "was arrested on a criminal network consists of 28 people active in Baghdad and the provinces, in coordination with the Supreme Judicial Council," Noting that "this network to fake and promotion of domestic and foreign currency and drug trafficking, in addition to the sale and smuggling of Antiquities.

The statement added, "it was set with the network that were scattered in different areas of the capital amounts of markers rea from the counterfeit and forgery of official documents prepared for the amount of cannabinoids and cut sensationalism intended for smuggling".

He continued, "that part of this criminal network was counterfeiting Iraqi currency in denominations of 25 000 and 50 000, set with billion and 400 million in addition to the printer and print devices.

He explained that "the other group specializing in the production of narcotic substances at the expense of the lives of young people," pointing out that "part of this network has trafficking in antiquities and get money to the highest bidder has been reproduced all of these effects which were held by the gang.

Device indicated by the statement that "the other part of the gang had been falsifying official papers of passports and license plates", stating that it "provides facilities to terrorists, especially for all the outlaws in General."

He stressed that "follow the clues and managed network of full gang rhythm in different parts of the capital in one hour", "dyed gang face justice now by their criminal acts."