National oil company law is broken in the House strongly disputes over


Baghdad/zahraa Al Jassim

Is the national oil company law and political consensus, chimed in that State's oil and gas law which continues to incorporate the House to this day, or he disagrees that the company will raise the burden on the oil Ministry and the executive arm is capable of achieving the desired programmes in this sector, which depends on Iraq almost alone as an economic resource.

The parliamentary Energy Commission, which includes members from different political blocs all differences and its attractions that often impede adoption laws, says her boss, a member of the Kurdistan Alliance, ARES ' Abd Allah in conversation (range) to national oil company law is currently in the House of representatives, and that its "is anxious to speed its passage," but confirms that the law needs a thorough examination by Committee discussion, and later approved by Parliament, stating that there will be significant changes, it Because many controversial points, in addition to his studies at the Parliamentary Committee on oil and energy, there will be workshops to discuss in depth achieved in the final outcome the law meets all the requirements of the oil sector and can be adopted.

On the other hand, the parliamentary Energy Commission Member wishes Ibrahim Bahr, (range), to draft the Iraqi oil company meets the aspirations of Iraqis after this long wait, stating that, while the Committee on energy and the arrival of the law to the House of representatives, in turn, the law review and develop it as you see fit in cooperation with the Ministry of oil, experts and civil society organizations.

Sea of science, and is also a member of the parliamentary block of the citizen says: that in fact what we aspire to form a national oil company is to create an umbrella assimilates all extractive activities and marketing of the oil sector, and that the company has administrative and financial autonomy to manage their own affairs, and also the executive arm should be capable of achieving the desired programmes in this sector is important and vital, stressing that there should be a separation between the policies set by the Ministry of oil and the implementation by the national oil company, so I hope to be a formula The law suit these goals.

The Cabinet was voted in 14 March 2017, the Iraqi national oil company Bill, refer it to the House.

Oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad, confirmed in an interview for (range), the oil Ministry is prepared to resume the frozen company law, where it was referred to the Council of Ministers, which referred it to the Parliament for discussion and may be subject to additions by seeing the legislative body in this frame, so the Ministry has aimed to achieve high flexibility for dealing with my investment and development and others, through its national oil company Board of Directors and be supervised by the Ministry, so that a company gives flexibility in operations D efficiency and performance and ability to work with greater capacity, and are similar to international companies in terms of abuse in the context of development and investment, international relations and marketing.

Adds Jihad, the oil Ministry also prepared and updated Bill to another company and national gas company to be competent in gas, the distribution of tasks and responsibilities to national oil companies will facilitate development and investment in extraction and filter and gas sectors and serves all aspects of the energy industry, the Ministry has also set up several other laws, such as law on liquidation and law for gas and another for the national oil company, which was sent to the Council of Ministers and submitted to Parliament recently, noting that, these sectors when it must operate in area Specialist, the Ministry also through these laws and activate the oil companies, aiming to help to push the development process forward and contribute to a high flexibility in the investment process in this sector.

And so far the oil expert Hamza jeweller in his analysis of the theme of national oil company Bill activation of other opinions, also sees in modern (range) chimed in on the law of the national company started from the Cabinet, so that the oil Ministry prepared a new integrated corporate law, but thanks to the Cabinet to return to the old code number 123 1967, continuing to say: as to the other is not delayed because of political disputes over just whether in or outside the Cabinet, but in the same way that The oil and gas Act deferred due to political consensus.

Jeweler that emphasizes restoration of national oil company, it must have been a while ago, that regulates the existence of business relations between these companies better be the operational arm of the Ministry of oil for the extractive industry, for it rests with the Ministry of oil now, many burdens, both with regard to extractive industry or refineries or gas industry and collect and process it and then distribute and produce the gas and liquid pipelines and oil tanks export ports, the Ministry easing this burden through the creation of companies, one of which company National oil production, oil and gas company gas production and national refinery company, to better control over her business, development and production as well as create a pipe company under the leadership of the Ministry which is reflected in the Ministry's performance better, because she was producing small amounts and with such developments whether refineries or other systems work, the burden has become too large and too much energy so we must acknowledge those laws.