Iraqi Business Council adopt projects to develop the economy

2017-05-07 at 13:39

Baghdad scales news

Iraqi National Business Council announced, he adopted an Iraqi Institute, scientific research projects to develop the economy, for the first time in the private sector, noting that projects came up with recommendations to be submitted to the Cabinet.

Board said in a statement/balance news/copy, the "Iraqi National Business Council and the Iraqi Institute for economic reform, and in a bold move and sincere initiative, the first annual competition for economic development research on Saturday 6/5/2017 and a Conference Hall at the headquarters of the Iraqi National Business Council in the presence of a constellation of academics, economists and business people led by Attorney Abdel Karim alabetan, Member of the parliamentary integrity Committee walbrovso Dr Abdel Hussein alatbeki, economic advisor to the Prime Minister."

The competition included two axes:

I guarantee the "presentation of research submitted by researchers as given for 7 minutes for each researcher, introduced the idea and the search for finding the 10 residents Committee evaluates research to identify winning three research."

The first winner was Francis auraha search subject (the propagation of seeds of wheat crop in high level Iraq), and the second winner Faris Faisal about his research subject (GnRH hormone treatment effect when embryo transfer pregnancy rate and the ruins early to Holstein cattle fetal wefrizian), and the third winner Talal Anwar on his research subject (AD vitamins treatment effect, E before the consolidation of estrus after altsvid in alawasi performance in lambs genital Iraq : Field applications and economic feasibility) ".

Visual and has Kamal Dawood Abd roar, it said, "to provide testimonials for winning research and research presented," announced "Visual first prize is $5 million dinars and second prize 3 million dinars and third prize 2 million dinars and the winning research will be sent to the respective sectoral authorities to determine their applicability and impact of field and fields.

Attorney Jawad Al-bulani has been declared, "ready to care for the next competition and allocate prizes before him."

The statement noted that "there are other papers submitted to the contest: the effects of interest rate on wages in the Iraqi economy, tourism investment new Aqua development of the Iraqi economy, finance-profits out of entitlement-that Iraq lost in favor of mobile companies and compare them with International Monetary Fund loan scenarios roadmap for reorganizing the Iraqi industrial sector, as well as Dr Sneh cocks, Arabic Republic of Egypt not unlucky come to Iraq say researched Biological agents of unmarked (as Selection
alternatives to Fungicide use for Reducing Postharvest Rot - losses of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables).

The second axis included discussions on research and on many economic issues where they will make recommendations that came out of the contest to the Prime Minister's Office and advisors ".

He attended the seminar, according to the statement, all "mp Abdel Karim alabetan, one of the firm's research, Professor Abdel Hussein Al-Anbuge, was one of the firm's research, Dr thair Faili, one the correct research, Ayad Kazem Al-bulani, one the correct research, Dr Kamal Basri, was one of the firm's research, Dawood Abdel was one of the fine, the roar of research, Abd Allah al-jibouri, one was good the excellent research, Salah was one of the strong ' Alloush for research."

As well as "Dr Zouhair Al Hassani, Chairman national investment experts, Dr Soraya khazraji, monetary and banking Professor of Economics University of Baghdad College of management and economics, engineer Mohamed Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Karim Megastar, Dr Talal Anwar Abdul Karim, Faculty of Agriculture University of Baghdad, Dr Francis auraha, Prof supporter credited, Middle Euphrates University, Assistant Professor Dr Haitham al Janabi, technical college".

In addition to all of the "r m Faisal Ibrahim, Knight senior agricultural Department of livestock, LLC, associate head Avinash cooing Mahdi regulatory body, the Federal Office of financial supervision, Dr returning Fawzi Ahmed, Baghdad agricultural faculty, Dr Ahmed Hamadi Selma, College of management and Economics/Mustansiriyah, Dr Ahsan Attar/oil Ministry expert, Fouad eldejily, consulting engineer, Dr Faik Ali Abdul Rasul, an economic consultant, Dr Abdel Hussein Hakeem, an expert of the Ministry of agriculture, Saleh Hakim, President of the Center for wisdom For dialogue and cooperation of Najaf, Abbas Radhi punitive, Dr Hamid, President of the International Union of businessmen, business organization, Jabbar, Dr Nadim Kazem Hamza, Ministry of agriculture, Faisal Kadhim mutasher rabee ' al, agricultural extension, Abdul Hassan frozen yogurt, President of the Association of insurance, almaadaidi, Attorney Abdul Karim alabetan, Omar Adel Mohamed, IVF Department. "

The contest was attended by "Zainab Zaheer Shiite Waqf, areej Hassan/Ministry of finance, Hisham Al-juboori/businessman Iraqi National Business Council Member, Arshad Majeed, Director of business development, Saddam Zamel, a member of the Iraqi National Business Council, triumph Ramahi, Baghdad University, a member of the Iraqi Institute for economic reform OCE Hadi, a member of the Iraqi Institute for economic reform."